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The Power of Words is Like Toothpaste?

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Words. Once they are out, we can’t ever get them back. We can apologize. We can try to make a situation right after we’ve hurt someone, but try as hard as we may, we can’t ever get them back.

We all fall short, but I am constantly trying to remind my kids that learning to control your mouth ahead of time is worth so much more than trying to apologize after the fact.

Part of living intentionally is thinking before we act. It is giving pause to the things we say. It is giving grace to another person even if we feel we have been wronged.

I have spoken of how we try to live with each other in an understanding way, and being mindful in the reactions we have and in the words we choose is a big part of that as well.

It is so easy to forget what power our words have. Our words either build others up or tear others down. In fact, our words do the same for us!

It can be hard to choose words carefully (or to choose no words at all) if we are being mistreated, but remembering the permanence of our words is such a good thing to keep in mind, even in the context of being mistreated.

How many times have you said something only to have the words feel like gravel coming out of your mouth? I will say many times in my life.

Although it isn’t easy to bit our tongue at times, it is completely part of living with others in an understanding way.

So, which do you choose? Commit to it right now!

This brings me to one of my favorite sayings, which is a great illustration for them. Food for thought in the wee hours of the morning 😉

words are like toothpaste

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