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10 Things I Do to Get it All Done (and I’ve got a secret, too!)

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I think at times we all struggle with how to get it all done, even the most organized, disciplined, structured people around.

I had a reader, Vickie, who wrote in asking about how I get it all done, which is why I thought it to be helpful to share these ideas here with all of you.

get it all done

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I also think that most times, we wish for more time in our day. I aspire to one day write a book that speaks to this, and the title I have picked out is just the bomb for how we all try to chase after our day that never ends.

We wish that time could somehow move slower and that we could all afford to hire people to do the things we hate. In my case, that would be someone to run errands, pick up clutter, and tackle big projects like window washing, blind washing, and steam cleaning carpets.

But for most of us, it isn’t financially possible to hire someone to help out, and no matter who we are or what our budget is like, we all get the same 24 hours in a day.

If you follow my scopes on Periscope, I let the secret out of the bag there before, and so to Vickie and anyone else who may be wondering how I get it all done, I do have a secret and it’s time I come clean about it.

How do I get it all done, you ask? I don’t know. I don’t know, that’s the secret.

I do know that you need a plan because it has been said that failing to have a plan is planning to fail, and I wholeheartedly agree. You must have a plan. You can’t expect to manage your life effectively by some magic formula that makes everything unfold efficiently without having to put forth the effort to make that happen. You will have to make that happen.

So, what do I mean by the secret, I don’t know? 

I mean that I know just what it feels like to be overwhelmed with my day before it even starts. I know what it feels like to wonder how I’m going to get it all done at times when my daily list is filled, or overfilled, and it doesn’t work out on paper. I know what it is like to have to be in three places at one time with no clue on how to clone myself to make that possible.

But, the one thing I do know is that you have to have a plan, and you have to start. You have to just start rather than wallow in the “I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done.”

Where do I start? How do I get it all done? Here’s how…maybe it will help you get it all done, too.

1. Pray

I start my day with prayer, and then I end my day with prayer. I ask Him to bless my plan for the day as I make it the night before, and then as my day starts, I ask Him to bless my day.

2. Make a daily list

I have written some about Why I Make Lists, and while that is a great read, here are five reasons that being a list maker will help you get it all done:get it all done

***It allows you to delegate to others who are either willing or needing to help you. With a list you can delegate quickly and effectively. In this way, you are able to clone yourself 🙂

***It allows you to declutter your brain. When you have something written down, you can let your brain forget about that. When I write something down, I can actually feel my brain letting that go in a physical sort of way. It’s weird. I’m weird, I know.

***Lists help you work efficiently. My lists are organized by like areas…for instance, I clump my computer work together, I clump and prioritize my kitchen work together, and so on. There is nothing like wasting time running from one room to another. This costs you time. Most likely, time you don’t have to waste.

***Lists help motivate you and give you a sense of accomplishment. You can look at what you’ve gotten done and feel productive and proud of yourself – especially if you cross off your completed tasks.

***Lists keep you on track. They keep you moving, keep you focused, and keep you headed in the right direction.

I do have a list for bigger projects as well as a list for the week, and I explain further on how those things work in Why I Make Lists (and why you should, too).

3. Have an action plan for hiccups in your day and know that you will have to be fluid

Cling to some mantras like “this too shall pass,” “what’s the worst that can happen, “ and, “it’s going to be alright.” Give yourself permission to recover from the hiccups in a timeout, get refocused, and start again.

4. Make sure your team is on board

Make sure your family knows when they are responsible for things and what they are responsible for. Your team is a huge asset. Utilize them. Even a two year old is part of your team and can to simple things like put their dirty clothes in a hamper, put their pajamas under their pillow, and put their toys away in a basket, bin, or on a shelf.

5. Once you have done all of the above, just move forward and keep moving forward without looking back

Move from one thing to the next, let problems roll off your back, and be willing to embrace the things you can’t control.

6. On your daily list, be sure to schedule rest time and relationship time since these are what ground you

If you are like me, not scheduling these things in makes it too easy to skip right over them in the hustle and bustle of your day. Don’t be tempted to do this, though, you need this time, even if just a 10 minute break to do whatever you want to do.get it all done

7. Establish routines

A routine for chores, a routine for mealtimes, bedtimes, and fun times. Establish routines that help you be efficient while not forgetting to do things at the right time. Routines for you, routines for family members, routines for daily, weekly, and monthly things.

8. Delegate as needed

When there are others who can help you, delegate. There is nothing wrong with asking for or accepting help. Delegating is an effective strategy for getting it all done.

9. Celebrate victories

If you accomplished something whether it was getting something done or learning to let something go, celebrate the victories in your day – big and small. Taking time to celebrate victories will encourage you and motivate you to keep working toward your own personal finish line every day.

10. Look forward

No matter what happened with your day, train wreck or triumph, look toward tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a new day.

Phew! That was kind of a lot! I also wanted to share how a typical day looks in my life to highlight how all these things really work and to see how working efficiently can look. Since I think you already have enough to digest with all this, that will come tomorrow.

Come back tomorrow when I give you a closer look into my life and how I use these ten things to get it all done…at least sort of!

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  1. How do you celebrate victories? I tend to be rather hard on myself and always feel like I should have done things better. Seeing the positive is difficult, let alone giving myself grace, of even a pat on the back.

    1. It is certainly something that you have to be intentional about. It is always easier to find our faults. Sometimes I just write down three things that I did well during the day. I also celebrate my victories by keeping a list and being able to look at what I accomplished. Sometimes when it’s been a good day, I give myself the night off and just watch a movie or read after the kids go to bed!

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