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We Got This!

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I don’t know what your week has been like, but mine has been a little rough around the edges. The struggles with my kids seem to be more prevalent lately…you know, just the every day stuff.

This quote really spoke to me as a mom. Isn’t this the way it is with our kids?

So much of what we do one day we only have to turn around and repeat again the next day, and there is rarely anything easy about any of it.

As in so many things in life, motherhood largely boils down to perseverance. It’s doing the hard work every day and then getting up tomorrow to do it all over again.

The good news is, you’re not alone. Moms everywhere are down in the trenches with you, and we’re all just giving it everything we’ve got.

But you know what? You got this. I got this. We all got this. Really, we do.


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