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My 5 Best Productivity Tips

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I have written about productivity tips before in posts like 15 Productivity Tips You Can Use Right Now, 20 Things You Can Do To Be Successful Today, and more, but I had a reader write in and ask for my five BEST productivity tips. Reader questions are always the best, and I think classifying the top five, most bang for your buck productivity tips is a great idea.

And since with productivity we need to just get to it, let’s just get to it.

Here are my best productivity tips:

productivity tips

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Get up early

Early is a relative term depending on the person and situation. What I mean here is to set your alarm just 10 minutes earlier than you normally would to give yourself an automatic 10 minute buffer in your day right off the bat. These 10 minutes can be applied to unexpected things that come up, things that take longer than you had planned, or in whatever way you see fit. I can say that those 10 minutes will almost certainly be used effectively in some way.

Create a prioritized list

There is nothing that compares to making a prioritized list when it comes to being productive. A prioritized list helps you get done what really needs to get done, it avoids wasted time spent thinking about what needs to be done, and it helps you stay on task. For more on list making try Why I Make Lists and How to Create an Effective To Do List.

Schedule free time

Schedule free time into your day every day. Then, only take free time during the scheduled time. Free time could be spent reading, playing an online game, talking with friends, being on the Internet, or whatever it is that you like to do. Think about what fills your tank, and then schedule that into your free time. The really cool thing about scheduled free time is also that you don’t have to feel guilty when you take it. If you have planned for your free time, you are doing exactly what you should be doing it rather than sneaking time away to browse Facebook, read a chapter in your book, or something like that. When we sneak time here and there, we almost always sneak more time that we would have ever intended on taking to do those free time activities.

Meal plan/multitask in the kitchen

This had to make the list of my top five productivity tips. Meal planning means that you only have to think about what’s for dinner once a week (I do my meal planning on Sundays), you can take advantage of being able to multitask in the kitchen with every opportunity since you know what you are making for all three meals every day, and you can utilize being able to cook something once to use it two or three times. For instance, if you are using ground beef in one pound increments three times in a week, you can cook all three pounds at once and save them until you need to use them.

Reduce or eliminate the social media alerts on your phone

You might hate me for this one, but you can still keep up on social media with the alerts turned off, you just get to decide when rather than feeling like you’re being bombarded with urgent news that really isn’t all that urgent. Having all those alerts turned on can make it seem like you have to check them out all the time. You will be more efficient with keeping up on social media if you are doing it on your own time…even better if you are doing this during that free time that I mentioned earlier. You can certainly decide if this is right for you, but from a productivity standpoint this has made a huge difference in being more productive in my life.

We all only get the same 24 hours in a day, and making the most of those 24 hours is essential. One of the best ways to do this is by paying attention to productivity. These five things are a great place to start!

Do you struggle with productivity? I’ve created the perfect guide that takes you step by step through how you can maximize your 24 hour day! Read more about it HERE or by clicking on the link below.

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Productivity


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  1. Hi Jennifer – I just found your site via Pinterest and love this article. The point to turn OFF social media alerts is so important. It’s easy to become addicted to those little dings but they are extremely distracting. I also have all my email notifications turned off.

    1. It’s amazing how we are so trained to even pay attention to them, isn’t it? I love having mine turned off!

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