30 Simple Ways to Overcome the Winter Blues

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This can be a difficult time for so many people. myself included, which can give me the winter blues. This time of year brings the excitement of the holidays and then the let down once they are over.

I find this time of year to be a rather transitional time. Living in Michigan, December, January, and February generally bring the coldest temperatures and the largest amount of snow, which also tends to give me the winter blues.

I now know how to recognize this time of year simply as the time of year when I can easily get down For this reason, I have intentionally compiled a list of things that can help lift my spirits.

Here are 30 simple ways that you can overcome the winter blues, too!



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  • sit by a fire either inside or outside, or at your local coffee shop that has a fireplace if needed
  • burn a scented candle with a scent like clean linen or spring bouquet…something that says “summer”
  • spray lavender room spray
  • use sweet pea body spray
  • invest in fleece sheets
  • use a corn/rice pack while on couch or in bed
  • listen to waves on youtube
  • watch videos of Walt Disney World rides on youtube
  • eat grapefruit, or a burst of sunshine in my mouth as I call it
  • put on some pink nail polish
  • watch a movie of a beautiful place like 50 First Dates, which is set in Hawaii
  • have beautifully polished toes
  • use sunless tanning lotion
  • use a uv light, even at night
  • put out spring decorations in end the of February
  • have a fruity drink
  • buy a new summer outfit
  • schedule kids or family activities for the summer and put them on the calendar
  • do some spring cleaning
  • put out a couple new decorations either homemade or bought on the cheap, even used
  • get an ice cream cone at an ice cream shop
  • visit a greenhouse or flower shop
  • look at the spring and summer clothing at a store like Target
  • visit an aquarium
  • visit a pool
  • buy tulips or daffodils to enjoy now and plant in springtime
  • grill a meal outside
  • train for a spring or summer 5k
  • visit the airport and dream of a getaway
  • listen to Jamaican music, I like Bob Marley

While winter can’t be avoided and there is no such thing as a fast forward button, there are some things we can do to just get through it. In fact, here are 30 things that I do nearly every winter to help shake off the winter blues.

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