Has Your Husband Ever Disappointed You?

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Have you had times throughout your marriage when your husband has disappointed you? Of course you still respect him, you still love him, you still honor him, but maybe he has done or not done something that causes that little twinge in your heart. It’s that little twinge that stems from something he did to let you down, and in its wake, you are left with disappointment.


As of this week, I have been married 20 years! In some ways it seems like it has gone by in a flash, but when I realize that during that 20 years we have welcomed a total of seven children into our hearts and home, I am reminded of just how much we have been transformed.

If you want to find some new inspiration on how to be a wife who loves, respects, and honors her husband always, even when he disappoints you, you can read the rest of my post, What To Do When Your Husband Disappoints You, by clicking on the link in the above title post. I’m being featured over at Faith Along the Way today.

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