Simple Evening Cleaning Routine Checklist

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As a mom of 9, I know how easily your home can feel like a mess. And starting off your day with a home that feels like a dirty mess is a recipe for a bad day. This is why it is so important to have a clean home in the morning. But, did you know that having a clean home in the morning starts with having a simple evening cleaning routine the night before.

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With such a busy household and so many people to make things dirty, it takes next to no time to mess everything up. And, the opposite is also true. I’ve found that it really doesn’t take much to make your home feel clean overall simply by cleaning the right things.

This evening cleaning routine covers the five primary areas or zones in your home – your kitchen, bathrooms, living or family room, bedrooms, and entryway. Some of the cleaning tasks will take only a moment while others may take a full five minutes or so. Overall, you’ll find that each cleaning zone doesn’t take much time at all. And, once you follow this same evening cleaning routine a few times, you’ll breeze through it even faster. Pretty soon, you won’t even have to follow the list at all!

Your home really can feel clean by spending just a bit of time in each of these five zones. You’ll probably find that some of the cleaning tasks listed here are things you’re not used to worrying about. But, I find that things like light switches get grimy so fast that it’s worth taking a moment or two to wipe them down.

And, imagine how satisfying it will feel to wake up to a clean home in the morning!

This is the perfect evening cleaning routine that will transform how you feel about your home, starting tonight!

evening cleaning routine checklist

One more thing before we get started.

This evening cleaning routine list is designed to be something that you work through quickly. The cleaning tasks listed here are not designed to be done with a deep cleaning sort of clean in mind. Rather, these cleaning tasks are meant to be a quick (yet thorough) cleaning of the things that get dirty in the process of making meals, people coming and going, and just living life in the hustle and bustle of life.

This evening cleaning routine becomes even more effective (& maybe even fun!) if you work with a timer and challenge yourself to see how quickly you can these tasks done.

In my home, which is a larger home since we have so many people, I can complete this evening cleaning checklist in about 45 minutes. I love to put earbuds in and just work like a cleaning tornado as I move from zone to zone.

The result is an amazing home that feels so clean when I’m done – and hopefully in the morning, too.

Evening cleaning routine step 1 – clean the kitchen

  • clear the clutter off kitchen counters. For more on kitchen counter clutter, read this post right HERE
  • wipe down all light switches
  • wipe down stovetop. For a deep clean on your stovetop, read HERE
  • next, wipe down all knobs and handles for stove and oven
  • wipe down outside of microwave
  • then, wipe down all cabinet fronts
  • wipe down all cabinet handles and knobs
  • thoroughly wipe down all countertops
  • wipe down all parts of kitchen faucet & handle with disinfecting spray
  • wipe down all parts of kitchen sink including underneath any edges or lips
  • run garbage disposal with ice until clear
  • grind up lemon, lime or orange peel or pour a few tablespoons of lemon juice down
  • dry sink out and shine

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Evening cleaning routine step 2 – clean the living (or family) room

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Evening cleaning routine step 3 – clean the bathrooms

evening routine template

  • wipe down all countertops
  • clean out sink with disinfecting spray. We love this DIY disinfecting spray with essential oils HERE
  • wipe down and shine faucets
  • clean spots off mirror
  • hang towels
  • wipe down shower handle. For a deep clean of your shower, read this post HERE
  • straighten shower curtain
  • clear any clutter
  • quickly pick up or wipe up spots on floor
  • for my 12 minute bathroom cleaning plan, read this post HERE

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Evening cleaning routine step 4 – clean the bedrooms

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Evening cleaning routine step 5 – clean entryway

  • clear clutter that doesn’t belong
  • clean up all shoes
  • clean up all coats
  • straighten any backpacks or bags
  • clean floor of leaves or dirt
  • wipe down door handle surrounding door area of dirty handprints

evening cleaning routine tips

Having a clean home starts with setting yourself up for a clean home the night before. This evening cleaning routine is quick, step by step, and it will become a lifeline in reducing the noise of a cluttered and dirty home in under an hour.

Looking for more on creating evening routines?

Find out how to create the evening routine that is perfect for you HERE

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