The Realities and the Reward of Homeschooling

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the realities and the reward of homeschooling

Just like most things that challenge us, homeschooling is an exercise in mastering the challenge as well as a challenge that brings us some of the most fruitful rewards.  As I mentioned *here* there is nothing like seeing the reluctant reader finally embrace reading.  Within that same vein I can also say that there is such excitement to see the light bulb go on when your young, soon-to-be-reader finally goes from sounding out every single letter in a word to actually reading the word.  In fact, it usually takes them a word or two to realize what they have just done.  Once it dawns on them that they have just read a word, the look on their face is truly priceless.

The challenges are many.  There are schooling methods to decide between, school calendar and day schedules to determine, curriculum choices to make, age appropriateness decisions to make, and then there is actually the living the homeschooling life, too.  There is the planning, teaching, helping, grading, and so much more.  Homeschooling is an endless investment of time, resources, and sheer strength and determination every single day.

However, the rewards are many, too.  I think one of the most amazing things about homeschooling a large brood hit me the other day when I went from struggling with Algebra II along with my oldest to teaching one of my young ones his letters, almost within the same breath.  In that moment, I realized what a gift homeschooling is.  Where else can you experience such variation?

I was reminded of one of my favorite sayings.  At times this carries me through even the worst of Mondays since even taking two days off over the weekend created a struggle to adjust to a school day once again.  Most things that challenge us, really challenge us, cause us to tap into strength from our very core.  Sometimes I just have to remind myself that:the more challenging the path

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