Weekly Goals 7/21

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weekly goalsI had a great week this past week. Not necessarily from a get things done standpoint, although I did, but from a get myself back on track standpoint. I am out of that mom funk I had been in, I have taken charge of my time again, and we had some fun stuff with kids going on, too. Lots of movie nights, reading books, playing outside…it was good.

This week my oldest 5 kids are all at VBS in the evening whether they are volunteering or attending, so things are a bit different at night. I had been hoping to get back into the routine of reading together as a family before bed this week, but with everyone gone till 8:30 or so, that may have to wait for one more week. Why is it so easy to fall out of this routine during the summer?!

Writing down goals is an excellent practice to get into, and if you haven’t done it, I highly recommend it. It keeps you focused, it forces you to prioritize among things that you need to get done, and writing these things down holds you accountable to getting them done much more than if you just keep them in your head. Feel free to share your goals in the comments, or, let me know how your goals went last week.

This week my goals area as follows:

Spiritual Goals:

  • continue reading two chapters this week
  • participate in Bible study three days this week

Wife Goals:

  • start new marriage book
  • memorize three Bible verses on being a wife

Mom Goals:

  • schedule fall classes
  • get ready for sleepover this weekend (5 extra kids here!)

Healthy Living Goals:

  • run 7 miles
  • cut out snacks

Homemaking Goals:

  • freeze all blueberries
  • list garage sale stuff

Office Manager

  • pay all bills
  • reorganize bill paying system

Blogging Goals:

  • complete one project
  • schedule for August

Here’s how I did this past week. Maybe a B- or so.

Spiritual Goals:

  • participate in Bible study group three days a week
  • start new book and read two chapters this week

Wife Goals:

  • read a chapter in book
  • schedule date night

Mom Goals:

  • take one child on a date
  • schedule classes for fall

Healthy Living Goals:

  • drink 100 ounces water
  • run 7 miles on the weekend

Homemaking Goals:

  • list garage sale stuff
  • wash 2 bedroom blinds

Office Manager:

  • schedule music camp
  • order gift card for Tess

Blogging Goals:

  • complete assignments
  • complete one project

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  1. You are very brave for taking on 5 extra kids! Summers are so hard to get into a routine. I’m just now starting to get my kids back into their routine because they will have to get up earlier for their new school they start next month so I’ve been slowly getting them used to it!

    Here are my goals (I changed it up a little bit until I get everything down pat)

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