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A Mom’s Report Card

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a mom's report cardLooking for a “mom report card” when it comes to being an intentional mom? Try asking your kids to complete this sentence: I feel loved when…

The answers might surprise you, but the answers to this question are a fairly clear call to action. When our kids tell us how they feel loved, we had better make the time to love them that way.

Here is how my kids answered the question from oldest down to youngest, my three year old just repeated everything the other kids said 🙂

The part I find funny, is how the answers reflect typical boy and typical girl answers…my girls give me the long-winded answers while my sons give me the Cliff’s Notes version.

  • When my mom takes the time to do things with me or even just tell me she loves me or something that she appreciates about me.
  • I always feel loved.
  • I feel loved when I think about being saved by God, when I do something with my family, and when I see something beautiful, like a sunset. I feel loved when I look back on my memories of my life and cry or laugh, mostly cry.
  • I feel loved when my mom takes me someplace special and when we spend time together. I also feel loved when my mom cares for me.
  • I feel loved when my mom is nice to me.

It is interesting that the thing that gets mentioned most is time. The idea of spending time with me or as a family are when my kids feel loved. I already knew this, but it still stirs my heart when I see how important spending time with them really is – in black and white right in front of me.

The interesting thing about spending time with our kids is this: it can’t be faked, it can’t be forced, it can’t be bought, and it can’t be distracted, at least not to do it right. Time is the one thing there are no shortcuts with, maybe that’s why it means so much to us all.

See what your kids have to say!

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