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Being an Intentional Mom

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IMG_3301_2 IMG_3284_2 IMG_3286 IMG_3287_2 IMG_3290We are still living at my in-laws while my husband recovers from his dreadful sickness.  It’s kind of like a vacation in some ways, but the littles are a bit lost without their sense of normal.  They miss their routine, they miss their beds, and they miss their toys since packing up and moving out only the necessities for eight people takes long enough.

We have had more time to relax, though, we have watched movies and spent more time outside than we would during a typical school week, and we also went out and ran errands all together when normally I just do this on my own.  We had a fun time at the park, and Grandpa and Grandma have spoiled us with special meals and treats.

Even when things are out of the norm, I am thankful that I have still been able to maintain my calling to live more intentionally.  There are so many moments I am glad I was really here to see.IMG_3295_2

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