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Most times, homeschooling can be rather intense, but it is important to have some fun homeschool resources in your arsenal. You never know when you might need a day, or a week, off for one reason or another.

We are having a more laid back school week this week…half having school, half taking some time off to catch our breath.

During these times, we try to do what the kids call “fun school,” which we did this morning.

This reminded me to share some of our favorite homeschool fun things.

homeschool resources

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To have a “fun school day,” sometimes we read chapters in a book together, a classic like White Fang, Moby Dick, or maybe a Boxcar Children book, which is easier for the younger ones to follow are all among our favorites.

At other times we have some fun videos.  Some appeal more to younger kids while some appeal more to the older ones. Most times these are education, but every once in awhile you just need to have a “goof off” movie, too.

When we are taking a more relaxed to homeschooling, these are among our favorite resources.

These videos are great for preschool learning.

We have the entire series, and my younger kids pick up on the most amazing things. You can buy them individually, too, but we love the whole series. My younger kids pick up on so much, and my older kids actually have fun watching if they have the time!

Preschool Prep Series Collection – 10 DVD Boxed Set (Meet the Letters, Meet the Numbers, Meet the Shapes, Meet the Colors, Meet the Sight Words 1, 2 & 3, Meet the Phonics – Letter Sounds, Digraphs & Blends

You know you have a winner when your kids have “DVD free time” and choose to watch something school related! This is what they do with The Magic School Bus!

We have all of these, too, and it is amazing what they teach. My older kids still reference things they’ve learned on these videos as we talk about them during their regular school lessons.

The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series

These are so amazing and can be watched again and again.

I will say that they can be violent at times since they are documentaries that chronicle various animals in their habitats, which means there is killing among animals and such. My younger kids just cover their eyes, but we also talk about how this is the way things work and how the food chain works in addition to what overpopulation would be if animals didn’t attack and kill one another. They are amazing on Blue Ray.

Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray]


Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Five-Disc Special Edition)

Frozen Planet 3-Disc Complete Series Collection Blu-Ray Disc

For some added history learning, we love ALL of these!

Liberty’s Kids – The Complete Series…and it’s under $7.00!!!

There are also these:

American Heritage Series – Ten DVD Set

And several of these:

Harriet Tubman – Inspiring Animated Heroes

Abraham Lincoln – Inspiring Heroes DVD

William Bradford – Inspiring Animated Heroes

Helen Keller DVD

George Washington DVD

I also mentioned other videos on character in Homeschooling Resources We Love: Character. There are numerous amazing resources there.

For me, having options like these homeschool resources available to incorporate into the school day is essential for times when the younger kids need something to do on a long school day, when I am not able to teach school for some reason but they still need to do something, or for those days when I just need a break. These have all been great resources for me.


Would you add anything to this list?

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