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When There Are Never Enough Hours In the Day

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Time is in short supply these days, isn’t it? As women we wear so many different hats and are pulled in so many different directions. It can be difficult to get everything done. And, wouldn’t we all like a little more time to do the things we want to do? Wouldn’t we like to be able to spend less time doing the things we don’t particularly want to do? Time off is a precious commodity. We can often find ourselves saying, “I just don’t have time” when it comes time to finding any time for ourselves.

If you find yourself feeling like there are never enough hours in the day, keep reading!

never enough time

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In examining my own life and learning from other women, I have come to see some ways that we can give away little bits of our time. Usually, we don’t even realize we are giving away. All these little bits of time add up throughout the course of a day. All these little moments we spend here and there can become the time we need in order to do a little bit more of the things we want to do every day.

There are so many thing we can do to be more efficient, but I am excited to share some pretty easy (and painless) things you can do to take a bit more of your time captive. All on their own these may not be all that much time, but added together, these changes can make a huge difference in your daily life!

Best of all, I am teaching it to you live. Check it out in the second video in my series designed to help busy women take charge of their lives HERE.

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  1. hmmmm, I’m procrastinating right now. I binge watched both videos. 😉

    My shortcut to dusting in a pinch is a feather duster.

    I always plan simpler dinners. I don’t have time to roast chicken. Sounds yummy though. My dinners are on the table in about half hour. I’m making fajitas tonight.

    You are so right about the electronics. They take up so much of your time. Some people get mad at me because I don’t have my phone with me most of the time.

    OK, my procrastinating or ‘me’ time is up. Gotta go!

    1. LOVE feather dusters! I agree, they don’t get the job done as thoroughly, but they do get the job done! Thanks for reading!

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