Weekly Goals

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weekly goals

Crystal, over on Money Saving Mom got her goals up yesterday, but I do enjoy posting mine so better late than never, I say.

Our week was busy cleaning and sanitizing again, but by the weekend we were ready for a birthday party with three of our kids.  Finally!  Our oldest had been waiting for over a month since her birthday in early March!

I’ve also been tackling smaller organization projects here and there, and it feels really good to get them done.

Here are my goals for this week:

Spiritual Goals:

  • complete reading Matthew and be ready to move on to Leviticus next week
  • investigate OBS from P31
  • finish memorizing notecard versesdaisies-676368_1280

Goals as a wife:

  • date night out
  • write note of appreciation
  • finish getting his school tasks completed for next semester

Goals as a Mom:

  • update and fix daughter’s phone
  • take Dancing Girl out
  • continue with 10 mins with 2 kids every day

Healthy Living Goals:

  • continue drinking 100 ounces of waterbottles-60479_1280
  • run 7 miles on weekend
  • establish a consistent bedtime

Homemaking Goals:

  • begin stocking freezer for busy spring/summer months-4 meals this week
  • spring cleaning project
  • organize all shoes in garage

Office Manager Goals:

  • update files for new year
  • file papers
  • update budget

Work Goals:

  • complete series
  • work through half of first unit

This is how I did last week

Well, I did’t get as much accomplished on my goals last week as I had hoped.  I ended up with two different sicknesses coming into the house again (when is spring going to get here?!), so that threw a wrench into things again.  I didn’t do too bad, however.

Spiritual Goals:

  • catch up on my Bible study from last week
  • investigate the next OBS offered by P31
  • make notecards with new Bible verses on them for memorizing

Goals as a Wife:

  • go on a date night out
  • have a date night in, movie?
  • write hubby a note thanking him for working full time and going to school full time

Goals as a Mom:

  • take Dancing Girl out shopping to use her gift card
  • take Skateboard Guy out to buy batting gloves
  • watch an episode of Little House on the Prairie every night as a family

Healthy Living Goals:

  • get back into drinking 100 ounces of water a day
  • run 8 miles on weekend (this became 6 miles instead)
  • do sprints and hills workout mid-week
  • don’t skip meals

Goals as a Homemaker:

Office Manager Goals:

  • pay bills
  • schedule dr. appointments for summer
  • update credit card miles

Work Goals:

  • complete series for new moms
  • finish organizing planner
  • fill out income/expense report for March
  • work ahead once a day

Feel free to join me on posting your weekly goals in the comments!


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