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Potato Chip Crusted Tilapia

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This potato chip fried tilapia is a family favorite, and what could be better than anything fried in potato chips, really. Even if your kids don’t like fish, I’m guessing they will love this recipe since my little boys can’t get enough of this, too. This was the meal my daughter chose for her birthday dinner a few nights ago since choosing the meal is one of our *birthday traditions.

This recipe is fairly easy, and it is frugal, too, because it is a great way to use up the chip crumbs that would most likely be thrown away. I always save my chip crumbs for this sort of thing since you can do this same thing with chicken. Wondering how I use up the crumbs of tortilla chips? You can find that recipe here, *Black Bean and BBQ Chicken Salad.

potato chip crusted tilapia

For the tilapia recipe you will need:

  • tilapia (I had 5 fillets)
  • 4 cups of crushed potato chips
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 3/4 cups flour
  • oil for shallow frying on a griddle (I used canola)

potato chip crusted tilapia

Put the flour in one pie plate type of dish, the eggs in another, and the chip crumbs in the third one. With tilapia that is no longer frozen, dredge it in the flour first, then the eggs, then the potato chips.

On a preheated griddle or in in preheated pan, brown the fish on each side over medium/low heat. Mine takes about 4 minutes on one side and three on the other. It really depends on the thickness of your fillets and the exact heat of your stove. You will know it is done when the chips are nicely browned and the fish is no longer transparent.

potato chip crusted tilapia

We generally eat it as is, or some of my kids like it dipped in a little honey mustard sauce. Enjoy!

potato chip crusted tilapia

Do your kids like fish?

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