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Save Time Every Day With This Super Smart Secret!

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We all get the same number of hours in each day, right? So how is it that there are just some people who manage to get so much more done in a day? There are people who just seem like they are time saving ninjas, but it’s because they know the time saving hack that helps them save time, stress, and brain space every single day. Time truly is the most precious commodity that any of us have, so check out this secret to save time and get more done today!

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Save time by planning smart!


Having more time starts with knowing when you work best

Are you a morning person or a night person? When can you work with the least amount of distractions around you? When does your brain just have an easier time working? When do you have the most uninterrupted time and when can you get things done that don’t require as much thinking? Determine when you can get your best work done. Then, when can you get the least amount of work done?

Assess your to-do list

Once you make a list of things that need to be done, categorize those tasks by the amount of brain power needed to complete them. Maybe returning phone calls or emails doesn’t require as much thinking as paying bills, for instance. Paying bills may be a full brain power activity while returning a phone call could be a no brain power task. Categorize your tasks in this way.

Carve out 90 minutes of full brain activity time

Each week, find three different blocks of 90 minutes when you can work on your full brain activity tasks. If you can afford more than three, by all means do so. Block out these 90 minute time blocks in your calendar or schedule.

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Schedule your full brain power activities

Once you have your 90 minute time blocks scheduled, plug in your full brain activity tasks to those time blocks. Avoid putting the mindless activities in these time blocks. The secret to having more time is to avoid doing the mindless brain activities that you can do at any time during the time when your brain is the most engaged. This leaves you with things that require your best work and only less than ideal times to get them done. No wonder you struggle with getting everything done!

Schedule your half brain activities next

Once you have the tasks that require the most thinking scheduled during the times when your brain is at its prime, you can fill in the tasks that require some, but not total concentration and brain power. At the same time, don’t put the mindless activities into these spots either. Those mindless activities will happen next.

Plan your mindless activities

This is actually my favorite part. Mindless activities can go where you typically waste time. While you’re doing things like waiting in the carpool line, standing in line at the grocery store, or waiting for your kids during their sports practice, you can get some simple tasks done. These are often the tasks that I find super annoying. But the beauty is – no more wasted time!

The key to having more time every day lies in knowing how and when your brain works and matching that up with the way your days lay out. Pairing the right activities at the right time means you will be able to get more done in less time.

Trying to complete full brain activities when your brain is only half working or is half asleep means it will take you much longer –  if you’re even able to get these things done at all.

Wondering how you can get it all done? Be smart and save time by using your time and your brain in the way they each work best.

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