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31 day challenge to finding true contentment

Can you believe that I first posted about this challenge at the end of June and now, this challenge starts TOMORROW?! How crazy is it that tomorrow is the first day in AUGUST?! You will not want to miss this challenge. We can all find some new ways to find a little more happy in our lives, don’t you think? The community taking this journey includes hundreds of other readers just like you, and that list is growing every day. Today is your last chance to fill out the box that pops up on your screen to join the Intentional Mom community from the beginning of the challenge. Even easier, just shoot me an email and I will sign you up.

Upon signing up and beginning August 1st, you will get a new email each morning giving you a new challenge to implement that will help you find contentment in your own life. These SIMPLE and EASY TO APPLY skills will include things like building a network of friends, dreaming big dreams, living in light of the big picture and so much more.

I think we all are looking for more contentment in our lives, but we do need to be intentional in finding it. Don’t miss this incredible journey we will take together while being part of a community here that will be doing it all as a cohesive group. We can interact, grow, and learn together while coming to the end of August more content than we have ever been RIGHT WHERE WE ARE AT!

Simply sign up in the popup box that appears after a few seconds of being here at The Intentional Mom. If it is easier, just send me an email at [email protected], and I can sign you up if it that is easier.

Join me and other readers on this amazing journey by signing up in the box that pops up every so often when you visit The Intentional Mom. It’s EASY, FREE, and LIFE-CHANGING. You won’t want to miss it!

*If you are already a subscriber, this is a whole new deal so if you are looking to accept this challenge, you will need to sign up aside from having already become a regular subscriber to the daily post updates.

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    1. There is a popup that comes up…I only have it set to pop up every five days though so it doesn’t annoy people 😉 If a little box isn’t popping up for you, I can sign you up manually, would you like for me to do that?

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