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31 Ways to Build Your Family’s Faith Through a Darkness Adventure

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Join The Intentional Mom community every day this August, for 31 days, for a new way to grow your family’s faith while having fun. These simple yet highly relevant activities will deepen your family’s love for God and for others while enriching relationships between you and your children as well. You won’t want to miss one. 

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Summer. Life moves slower, time is more plentiful, and the days never seem to end. Summer is the perfect time to be intentional in building faith and in building relationships while having some fun, too.


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If this activity keeps your kids up too late on a school night, go ahead and try it on a weekend night.

When it is totally dark, take your family along with a flashlight to a nearby park, nature trail, or open field that has no lighted areas.

First, try walking around in the dark. Find your way along the path or walk around in the field or park, trying to find your way without the help of light. The more opportunity for stumbling, the better as it will illustrate this faith building exercise even better.

Next, have one of your kids hold the flashlight and lead your family along the trail or throughout the field. Continue making your way around using the flashlight. If you have more than one child, have them each hold the flashlight and lead for a time.

When you have completed this activity, head back home and grab your Bible. Read Psalm 119:105, which says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

Discuss the difference between getting around without the flashlight and then getting around with the flashlight. Ask which was easier. Then, discuss how the Bible is like a flashlight because it provides us with the direction we should be walking. The Bible keeps us on the right path while not reading the Bible on a regular basis will leave us stumbling and unsure of where we are going in life.

Close your nighttime adventure in prayer, thanking God for the guidance and wisdom of the Bible in addition to the gift of light that helps us better live in the world around us. Thank Him for speaking to us through the Bible and for giving us that incredible gift.

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